Definition: Circumcision |cir·cum·ci·sion |noun| “a euphemism for genital cutting.”

CIRCUMCISION fails to meet the commonly accepted criteria for the justification of preventive medical procedures in children … Circumcision of underage boys … has no compelling health benefits, causes pain, can have serious long-term consequences, constitutes a violation of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and conflicts with the Hippocratic oath: primum non nocere: First, do no harm.” Statement by doctors representing 20 INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS.


What is circumcision?

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Why is circumcision harmful?

The trauma of genital cutting has negative consequences for babies, and even affects men later in life. The foreskin…


Ten myths about circumcision

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Stop African exploitation !

Male Genital Cutting – a dangerous mistake to prevent HIV/AIDS. Stop exploitation of Africans with circumcision.



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