by Judy Simone

Intaction Research Writer

Saturday Aug 08, 2020

Guys are starting to wonder, does circumcision affect penis length or penis size? It’s an interesting question that many men ponder. With circumcision being one of the most commonly performed surgeries, guys are wondering. Does circumcision make you smaller? Am I blessed or cursed with my endowment, or is my lack of penis size a “manmade” issue? Men are visual beings, and many men feel they are either average or maybe (good grief) below average on their manhood. (Or maybe their “hood” is missing !)

Even if you are average, who wants to be average? Just look at all of the “penis enlargement” pills hawked online and on TV. Someone must be buying them, despite the dubious medical claims, otherwise they couldn’t pay for all this advertising. These companies may be tapping into insecurities, but then again some guys just plain got shortchanged. They may think to themselves, what the heck happened to me?


A man’s penis size is related to his self esteem and body image. It can affect how he views himself in the world, his confidence, his outlook on his potential suitability to a partner, and can even affect his behavior to others. It can result in emotional feelings sometimes called penis shame.

Given how important penis size is to a vast majority of men, it behooves us to ask the question. Does circumcision prevent penises from reaching their full genetic potential? First off, it seems obvious. When the foreskin is removed one will have less penis. Circumcision will definitely impact girth, because the foreskin wraps around the head and bunches up like an accordion behind the head when erect. Kind of like a stubborn sock you are trying to pull off your foot.

But what else can impact penis size, something that starts in infancy and continues through puberty? Do you lose inches when circumcised, a commonly performed surgery in America? Why can’t people just say “don’t cut it off.”


Some experts say that amputation of a body part in infancy can cause the remaining attached tissue and structures to have stunted growth. But how can it be that circumcision affects penis length? How does circumcision make it smaller?

Amputation severs the nerve endings to the affected area. Circumcision causes total severing of the nerves leading from the foreskin due to the stretching, cutting (laceration), and crushing by circumcision devices. This type of neuron death is known as neurotmesis. In this type of injury, both the nerve and the nerve sheath are disrupted. Neurotmesis results in neural degeneration. Not only are the nerves lost in the foreskin, but the nerves feeding them atrophy and die back to the spine. Without full enervation of the penile tissues as an infant, growth is likely to be stunted. Tissues need nerves functioning as part of the growth process.

However, while intact “uncircumcised”[sic] men can be well hung, there are cut men that have an impressive endowment too. Why didn’t circumcision seem to affect their length?


A informal study conducted by Dr. Christopher Fletcher, M.D. found that the adult penises of men circumcised as infants are 8mm (3/8″) shorter than their intact counterparts. Dr. Fletcher is an assistant clinical professor of family and community medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Dr. Fletcher’s conclusions arise from a study of men 18 years and older seeking medical care. The vast majority of his subjects had circumcisions soon after birth for non-medical reasons.

While 3/8″ of an inch may not sound like much of a difference, realize that is an average. Some men may experience greater amounts, while some will experience a milder decrease in penile length from circumcision. We don’t know why.

circumcision penis length size

Consider this evidence on how circumcision affect penis length. Another study published in the  Canadian Urological Association Journal concluded, “this study shows that NMC (Newborn Male Circumcision) was associated with shorter penile length.” They go one to report, “NMC [Newborn Male Circumcision] can also remove the loose flap of skin that covers and protects the rounded top part of the penis that contains nerves, blood vessels, and a tiny part of muscle, which can lead to shorter penile length.”

Read the study here: A Study: Circumcision and Penis Size/


We came across more evidence on how cutting off part of the body as a infant can affect the growth of surrounding tissues. This shocking photo obtained by Intaction shows the results of an accidental amputation of a pinky finger when the person was an infant girl. It is clear from the photo that the stump of the amputated pinky finger is significantly shorter than the unaffected finger in the opposing hand. While this is anecdotal evidence, it does seem to show a relationship between tissue damage and stunted growth of the distal side of a body extremity.

penis size circumcision

Person with pinky finger accidentally amputated in infancy


We have come to a greater understanding on how circumcision affect penis length. But also realize circumcision impacts penis function too, because form follows function. If you change penis form, you change how the penis functions. Beyond stunted penile growth, it is undeniable that circumcision removes over 20,000 specialized nerve endings and 15 square inches of mobile skin (in the adult male) that accommodates the erection during arousal. Lack of this mobile sliding skin reduces pleasurable sensations during intercourse or masturbation. Circumcision may also cause painful or curved erections as an adult.

If a guy is genetically meant to have an above average penis, then circumcision may not affect him as much. Who is going to worry about having only 8.5″ inches instead of 9″ inch penis? It’s like a billionaire losing a million dollars. However if the guy is genetically pre-disposed to have an average to below size penis, then circumcision may affect him more. These guys need to hang on to everything they got.


Besides circumcision affecting penis length or penis size, without a foreskin, circumcision alters the way men have sex. Oral sex may not be gratifying due to lack of sensation. His partner may end up with a tired jaw and a stiff neck. Cut men often have intercourse with rapid pounding and thrusting in order to get stimulated sufficiently to achieve orgasm. Unfortunately this is not always pleasurable for the partner at the receiving end. Ride’em cowboy !

circumcision sexual dysfunction


The evidence shows that circumcision affects penis length and size. The loss of nerves, blood vessels, smooth muscle can stunt growth and cause shorter penile length. Amputation of the foreskin does affect the entire penis. Also, the adult foreskin is 15 square inches of skin which bunches up to add to girth.

Other factors like genetics, hormonal imbalances in childhood, and prenatal or childhood exposure to chemicals in the environment may also have an effect on penis length and size. Most concerning is the exposure to endocrine disrupters or estrogen mimicking chemicals like bisphenol in plastics or parabens from skin care products. These chemical disrupters can depress the testosterone levels necessary for expression of male sexual characteristics.


Circumcision involves the amputation of healthy function tissue for essentially cosmetic reasons. Circumcision should almost be considered a “man-made” handicap that is inflicted upon millions of baby boys every year.  Many parents have their son cut for no reason other than they thought they were “supposed” to do it. Parents that have been mislead into circumcising their sons for make-believe health benefits may have actually stunted the growth of their son’s penis.

Parents don’t realize the impact they are causing to their son’s life.

Updated from article published: Sept 22,2014