Baby’s Shock Circumcision Hospital Death in New York City

By CYNTHIA R. FAGEN, New York Post

The grieving family of a tragic Queens toddler are blasting doctors at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan — accusing them of botching a simple circumcision that led to the boy’s sudden death. Jamaal Coleson Jr. died Tuesday, about 10 hours after what was supposed to be a routine procedure, according to his uncle Jabbar Coleson, 23.Coleson said the hospital was supposed to give his nephew a local analgesic, but instead administered a general. The boy, who would have turned 2 next month, “Woke up and laughed and called for his mother and then went critical.
“I want to know what happened,” Coleson said. “He was so sweet and energetic and so happy, a very happy child. I am very upset and I am glad I am a couple of hundred miles away. I have time to calm down and say my prayers,” said Coleson, who lives in Atlanta. He said the boy never regained consciousness he was declared dead at 8:35 p.m. the same day. Now the family wants to know what went horribly wrong.

Hospital Statement on Botched Circumcision Death

The hospital said in a statement, “We extend heartfelt condolences to the family of the young patient in question. This is a devastating event for his family as well as for the staff at Beth Israel who tried to save his life,” according to a statement from the hospital.” We immediately notified the Medical Examiner’s Office and requested that they accept this case for further review, which they have.” Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the ME, confirmed an autopsy was conducted yesterday to determine the cause of death. “We also are in the process of reporting this case as an unexpected death to the NYS Department of Health,” the hospital statement continued. “We will conduct our own internal review of this case, report our findings to the DOH [state Department of Health] and cooperate fully with the DOH on any further inquiries they may have.”

Parents Couldn’t Speak About Circumcision Death of Son

The boy’s mom, Taleah Echezerriam, was too distraught to talk. She and the boy’s dad, Coleson’s brother, were to be married next year. “We just don’t understand what happened. Now my mother [the boy’s grandmother] is out buying his suit for the funeral,” said Coleson.

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