Joe Rogan launches a tirade about circumcision. Rogan calls the all too common American procedure “BABY DICK CUTTING.” Rogan’s rant stems from a discussion with New York Times NYT writer and editor Bari Weiss about 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s stance on circumcision. Who else but the incredible Joe Rogan could criticize circumcision with Bari Weiss. Rogan exhorts Weiss to “stop cutting baby dicks.” Rogan has been outspoken about circumcision in the past and in this interview he held true to form. Joe Rogan was already primed to raise the issue of circumcision with Bari Weiss as soon as Yang was mentioned.

Andrew Yang And Circumcision

Yang had previously made a statement in the Daily Beast against circumcision. Yang became the first presidential candidate to take a stand against circumcision. “I’m highly aligned with the intactivists,” he said. “History will prove them even more correct.” Yang, 44, align himself with intactivists, a name for activists who oppose circumcision, He said he wants to incorporate the position into public policy. “From what I’ve seen, the evidence on it being a positive health choice for the infant is quite shaky,” yang further added.

Joe Rogan And A Wildly Popular Podcast

Rogan is the host of the Joe Rogan Experience |JRE| podcast. Joe is an American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts commentator for the UFC. He has also worked as a television host for the hit reality show Fear Factor.

In a sign on how popular his podcast has become, Rogan recently signed an exclusive deal with Spotify in a $100 million dollar deal. Rogan is also one of the most popular YouTube podcasters, with millions of people watching each episode.

Bari Weiss Takes the Brunt Of Rogan’s Criticism On Circumcision

Bari Weiss is an American opinion writer and editor. In 2017, Weiss joined the New York Times as a staff editor in the opinion section. In 2020, Weiss resigned from the New York Times due to creative and intellectual differences with the paper. Weiss says she quit due to the publication’s cancel culture based on the Twitter mob. She stated, “Twitter has become its ultimate editor. ” Weiss claimed that other writers at the paper would bully anyone that disagreed with progressive orthodoxy. She also disagreed with the paper’s obsession with excessively printing opinion articles about President Donald Trump which became wearing.

In this video, hear expert intactivist insights on the topics raised in Rogan’s podcast by Intaction founder Anthony Losquadro.. What do they get wrong, and what do they get right? Listen to this discussion about Joe Rogan commenting on circumcision with Bari Weiss.



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