Legislative Resources for Circumcision Law Reform

The Health Equality Campaign is a non-profit legislative advocacy organization. We offer state legislators the resources they need to draft laws to protect children’s bodily autonomy. We have “ready to go” model legislation in the area of circumcision informed consent, and preventing use of state funds to promote medically unnecessary infant circumcision. Legislation with a proven record of passing health committees.

The Campaign offers legislators:

  • Model legislation
  • In-state lobbying
  • Experts for public comment in committee
  • Grassroots support

Every year the public is becoming more aware of the harm of infant circumcision, and the importance of protecting male children’s bodily autonomy.  Sponsoring legislation in this area will favorably increase a legislator’s profile with their constituents. HEC can help you in this area and avoid the pitfalls.

There can be compelling debate when it comes to discussion over legislative policy and bodily autonomy with regards to elective, non-medically necessary infant circumcision. This can involve consideration of ethics, individual rights, parents rights, and medical practices. Advocates on both sides argue about where the line should be drawn between protecting individual freedoms and protecting socialized health care. However we have often found that there is more consensus on reform legislation than one might think.

Legislative policy regarding bodily autonomy often pertains to laws that govern a person’s right to make decisions about their own body without interference or coercion by hospitals or other entities. This concept is crucial in areas such as medical treatment choices and personal autonomy. The Campaign’s model legislation can help parents make better choices with proxy healthcare decisions.

While non-medically infant circumcision is widely practiced in America, most other countries around the world including Canada have discouraged the practice outside of religious ceremonies. Infant circumcision rates are declining in America, and now 17 states have stopped funding the procedure under insurance coverage unless there is urgent medical need.

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Representative Emily Phillips during parliamentary inquiry in support of HB1683