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In Memoriam Kevin Cagle

Young man’s anguish over circumcision ends in suicide.

The Death of Kevin Cagle


Another young man with his whole life ahead of him decided to tragically end his life – anguished over genital cutting.

Kevin Cagle was unable to comprehend why parents and doctors decided to needlessly cut and mutilate his genitals as an infant. Anger and grief turned into despair and depression. Kevin said to a friend, ” I hate my body. I don’t feel whole. Thanks to my parents for that.”

Kevin was a Leachville Arkansas native but moved to San Francisco California.

Kevin went on to say ” I’m thoroughly disgusted we live in a world where cosmetic procedures can be performed on infants.” Kevin went on to thank friends for being kind, wishing them the best in life. Kevin asked friends to be happy for him now, presumably because ending his life is what he wanted so as to be finally in peace.

Kevin asked a good friend to post his final remarks on Facebook. Afterwards, on March 31 2015, Kevin Cagle made the ultimate decision to end his life. He was just 20 years old.

The suicide of Jonathon Conte, 34, also from San Francisco, in May 2016 followed the death of Cagle.

Some mental health experts feel that circumcised males are physically, emotionally, mentally and socially harmed by the act, and this can lead to depression and horrible consequences. According to StopMaleSuicide.com (circumcision and suicide), when men face problems they can neither fix, nor cope with, their risk of suicide rises.

We are saddened over the despair of those who turn to suicide to find relief from the anguish of genital cutting. Intaction offers a means to constructively heal the wounds and personal pain caused by genital cutting by helping those affected with a way to contribute towards ending this practice.

In Memoriam

Kevin Lloyd Cagle February 28, 1995 – March 31, 2015

“May your spirit live on in those that fight against genital cutting”

3 Responses to "In Memoriam Kevin Cagle"

  • William Moore
    September 26, 2017 - 4:58 am Reply

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this suicide and I live in San Francisco! As a gay man who knows a thing or two about FORESKINS, ’cause I’m lucky to have mine, I find that after all we know about the physical and emotional after effects of circumcision, this practice still continues unabated. Several years ago I met a guy who was circumcised and we became friends before we slept together. When he found out I was UNCUT, his demeanor changed. I recall him acting jealous of my FORESKIN and suggested I’d get ‘cut’. You can imagine what i told him he could do if he didn’t like me the way I am. In the long run, he turned out to be a jerk and I told him to “jump in the lake” as i’d never get ‘cut’. When he was an infant and couldn’t consent, he was cut, this was his way of manifesting his anger, As someone who goes to a gay gym here in San Francisco, I notice that although most of the guys here are ‘cut’, i’m starting to see a few INTACT ones. One guy even commented to me in the locker room “how lucky” i was. I didn’t know him and wondered what he meant. Evidently he checked me out in the shower as I always peel back the ‘SKIN as part of my normal bathing routine. Then he got bold and said i was lucky to be UNCUT. then dropped his towel and showed me his circumcision. That bastard doctor really butchered this guy. I didn’t think much of this but said i’ve a buddy who’s stretching his partial FORESKIN with somewhat good results. I gave him my phone number and said I’d some websites for him to check out for information on this. Hopefully the anti circumcision movement keeps moving forward and soon medical insurance won’t cover routine and for the most part unnecessary circumcisions!

    • Frank McGinness
      November 6, 2017 - 11:51 am Reply

      I too hadn’t heard of Kevin’s suicide either, until just 2 weeks ago. 4 days ago (SF) Bay Area Intactivists had 3 altars at Garfield Square Park in the Mission District for Dia de los Muertos.In memoriam we celebrated In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child (Those Who Have Died, Have Wished They Had Died); Jonathon Conte; Kevin Cagle. I would say during the course of the day, viewing of altars 4-11pm, on average there was at any time 3-5 celebrants seeing Kevin’s picture and reading his suicide note. We purposely placed Kevin’s altar separate from Jonathon’s and all altars to draw singular attention. This was close to the foot of the candle lit steps leading up to Jonathon with his bike trailer alongside In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child as viewed through the eye. May All RIP.

      I hope you have signed up for BAI’s Event Announcement List http://www.bayareaintactivists.org/lists


  • Mark
    September 25, 2017 - 6:41 pm Reply

    Poor poor guy,hope he is resting in peace now,when will this genital cutting madness end

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