Young man’s anguish over circumcision ends in suicide.

The Death of Kevin Cagle


March 31, 2015: Another young man with his whole life ahead of him decided to tragically end his life – anguished over genital cutting.

Kevin Cagle was unable to comprehend why parents and doctors decided to needlessly cut and mutilate his genitals as an infant. Anger and grief turned into despair and depression. Kevin said to a friend, ” I hate my body. I don’t feel whole. Thanks to my parents for that.”

Kevin was a Leachville Arkansas native but moved to San Francisco California.

Kevin went on to say ” I’m thoroughly disgusted we live in a world where cosmetic procedures can be performed on infants.” Kevin went on to thank friends for being kind, wishing them the best in life. Kevin asked friends to be happy for him now, presumably because ending his life is what he wanted so as to be finally in peace.

Kevin asked a good friend to post his final remarks on Facebook. Afterwards, on March 31 2015, Kevin Cagle made the ultimate decision to end his life. He was just 20 years old.

In his final text message to friend Pat-z Orozco‎ :

>Today I’m choosing to end my life. Why? Circumcision. I hate my body. I don’t feel whole. Thanks to my parents for that. I’m thoroughly disgusted that we live in a world where cosmetic procedures can be performed on infants. Thanks to everyone who was kind to me; I wish them the best.”
>Please post that to FB for me as I cannot. Try to be happy for me.  Love you Pat-Z!”
>This made no sense to me, but I’m sure you had more reasons.. Love you, too, Kev.

The suicide of Jonathon Conte, 34, also from San Francisco, in May 2016 followed the death of Cagle.

Some mental health experts feel that circumcised males are physically, emotionally, mentally and socially harmed by the act, and this can lead to depression and horrible consequences. According to (circumcision and suicide), when men face problems they can neither fix, nor cope with, their risk of suicide rises.

We are saddened over the despair of those who turn to suicide to find relief from the anguish of genital cutting. Intaction offers a means to constructively heal the wounds and personal pain caused by genital cutting by helping those affected with a way to contribute towards ending this practice.

From Kevin’s Obituary:

Kevin Lloyd Cagle, age 20, of Leachville, died Tuesday March 31, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Born in Paragould, he was a lifelong Leachville resident and had attended Buffalo Island Central Schools and Arkansas Northeastern College in Blytheville. He was formerly employed as a stockman at Walmart in Paragould. Kevin loved to cook, and was an avid reader and video game enthusiast.

Survivors include his parents, Lloyd Wayne and Tina Louanne Eubanks Cagle of Leachville

1 Brother, Heath Cagle, of Paragould

1 Sister, Heather Davis, of Greenbriar, Arkansas

He also leaves his maternal grandmother, Nina King, of Leachville, and his paternal grandmother, Beulah Cagle, of Blytheville.

Funeral service will be 2pm Monday April 6, 2015 at the Howard Funeral Service Chapel in Leachville. Burial will follow in Leachville Cemetery. The family will receive visitors Monday from 12pm until service time at the funeral home

In Memoriam

Kevin Lloyd Cagle February 28, 1995 – March 31, 2015

“May your spirit live on in those that fight against genital cutting”