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What is circumcision?

Discover and learn more about how genital cutting is unnecessary surgery done to babies...


Why is circumcision harmful?

The trauma of genital cutting has negative consequences for babies, and even affects men later in life. The foreskin...

circumcision|myths or facts?

Ten myths about circumcision

Test your knowledge about genital cutting. Learn about frequent myths from the last 100 years!

African circumcision greed

Stop African exploitation !

Male Genital Cutting – a dangerous mistake to prevent HIV/AIDS. Stop exploitation of Africans with circumcision.


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Intaction News Highlights

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  • I didn't realize the breadth of this issue before reading your site. I too have been harmed by circumcision, and I want to get involved. I am donating to your organization, and please put me on the list for the next event.

    Steve C

  • I learned more about leadership during one protest event than in 20 years of business management.

    Anthony Losquadro

  • Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I will be happy to join your cause and fight the fight with you!


  • I still cannot believe I participated in Intaction's protest of President Clinton's event. But I did it, and right to an ex-president's face. I've done many other protests before, this one grabbed the bull by the horns. It was so empowering! I would have never thought I would be able to do it ! Thanks to Intaction for the opportunity. I will no longer have any fear when I speak in front of a crowd of people.

    David G

  • I want people to understand that circumcision negatively impacts a man and those around him throughout life.

    Jonathan Conte, Bay Area Intactivists