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Why Alex Hardy Killed Himself After Circumcision

August 8, 2020 Alex Hardy sent his mother Lesley Roberts an email explaining his decision. It was about why her son, a promising young man, decided to kill himself over a circumcision gone bad. He wrote, "It quickly became apparent [...]

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Botched Circumcision – Doctor Disfigures Baby Ashton For Life

Circumcision for newborn boys is a popular medical procedures in America, even thought it is unnecessary to do. But Memphis mother regrets she allowed he son to be circumcised as things went horrifically wrong. She incredibly accepted that her [...]

Circumcision’s Psychological Damage to Infants and Children

The CDC wants to encourage circumcision--but it's psychologically and emotionally damaging Updated Wednesday August 5, 2020 by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. in Moral Landscapes *First author is Patrick O’Connor, Psy.D. As psychologists, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced U.S. [...]

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Does Circumcision Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

by Madeline Haller August 4, 2020 07:30 am EST Could your circumcision cause erectile dysfunction? It just might, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Men’s Health. Decades ago doctors would sometimes refer men [...]

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Why Are Circumcisions On The Decline In The United States? WLNY-TV55

https://youtu.be/r8YfeAa74Fo Anthony Losquadro, Founder & Director of Intaction speaks about why there has been a seismic negative shift in men's perception about circumcisions in the U.S. Also, how circumcision can potentially damage your mental health. Unplugged With Eraldo & Daryn [...]

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Joe Rogan Flips Out Over Circumcision – STOP CUTTING BABY DICK – Uncut Commentary

https://youtu.be/8Q19GcKugws   Joe Rogan launches a tirade about circumcision, or as Rogan says, "BABY DICK CUTTING." Rogan's rant stems from a discussion with New York Times NYT writer and editor Bari Weiss about 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang's stance on [...]

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Foreskin is Awesome on ESPN “The Experience” with Lafern Cusack & Anthony Losquadro

Featuring Anthony Losquadro of https://intaction.org and Lafern Cusack on ESPN "THE EXPERIENCE." We will be talking about why foreskin is awesome, and why cutting it off babies is NOT so awesome. Topics discussed include the [...]

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Psychological Harm of Genital Cutting – Mainstream Mental Health with Dr. John Huber

Circumcision Chronicles UNCUT Podcast #21 Featuring Anthony Losquadro of https://intaction.org and Dr. John Huber, a mental health professional and a clinical forensic psychologist. Dr. Huber is also the host of podcast Mainstream Mental Health. We will be talking [...]

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Circumcision torments promising young American, leading to suicide. Thad’s Story

THADDEUS P __________ April 24, 1992 – October 7, 2019  (Age:27) Happier Times Thaddeus (Right) with shipmates from California Maritime College Editor’s note: Intaction is sensitive to the family’s grief over this [...]

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