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Foreskin is Awesome on ESPN “The Experience” with Lafern Cusack & Anthony Losquadro

Featuring Anthony Losquadro of https://intaction.org and Lafern Cusack on ESPN "THE EXPERIENCE." We will be talking about why foreskin is awesome, and why cutting it off babies is NOT so awesome. Topics discussed include the [...]

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Psychological Harm of Genital Cutting – Mainstream Mental Health with Dr. John Huber

Circumcision Chronicles UNCUT Podcast #21 Featuring Anthony Losquadro of https://intaction.org and Dr. John Huber, a mental health professional and a clinical forensic psychologist. Dr. Huber is also the host of podcast Mainstream Mental Health. We will be talking [...]

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Circumcision torments promising young American, leading to suicide. Thad’s Story

THADDEUS P __________ April 24, 1992 – October 7, 2019  (Age:27) Happier Times Thaddeus (Right) with shipmates from California Maritime College Editor’s note: Intaction is sensitive to the family’s grief over this [...]

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HIV rates among circumcised men in South Africa higher than expected

A new study co-led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers found surprisingly high HIV rates among older Mpumalanga men in South Africa who had undergone medical circumcision. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/hiv-circumcision-south-africa/ The study surveyed 2,345 Mpumalanga men over the age [...]

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Doctor Health Radio – Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast #20

Anthony Losquadro of https://intaction.org and David Snow (Dr. Health Radio) have a wide ranging discussion over circumcision. Topics discussed include the bizarre American history, medical industry profit & the AAP, female genital mutilation, foreskin restoration, pain & trauma, [...]

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My son killed himself after circumcision

‘My son killed himself after circumcision’ By Caroline Lowbridge BBC News 17 April 2019 Alex Hardy sent his mum Lesley Roberts an email explaining his decision “It quickly became apparent that what had just happened was a catastrophe… I died [...]

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Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast #19: Fighting Circumcision Around the World

Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast #19: Video podcast with Anthony Losquadro of Intaction http://Intaction.org and Michael Winnel of the Foreskin Revolution http://foreskinrevolution.com . Also find the Foreskin Revolution on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/foreskinrevolution Discussion about intactivism around the world - [...]

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Are intact men “Bad to the Bone”? Mel Magazine discusses

IS THE SONG ‘BAD TO THE BONE’ ACTUALLY ABOUT CIRCUMCISION? Two rock ’n’ roll historians analyze George Thorogood’s 1982 classic — and why it’s become something of a pro-foreskin anthem. https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/bad-to-the-bone-lyrics-meaning-circumcision-intact Could George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ 1982 hit “Bad [...]

Powerful discussion about Circumcision – Hurts men deeply – Dr. Walsh Show

Anthony Losquadro - Director of Intaction, and Dr. Wendy Walsh KFI AM640 iHeart Radio Network discuss male circumcision, female genital mutilation, pain & trauma. Also included is a discussion about a man that confronted his circumciser - obstetrician later [...]

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Intaction on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Circumcision Religion FGM

Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Karen Hunter Sirius XM Urban View discuss circumcision, masturbation, religion, and female genital mutilation.

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