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Powerful discussion about Circumcision – Hurts men deeply – Dr. Walsh Show

Anthony Losquadro - Director of Intaction, and Dr. Wendy Walsh KFI AM640 iHeart Radio Network discuss male circumcision, female genital mutilation, pain & trauma. Also included is a discussion about a man that confronted his circumciser - obstetrician later [...]

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Intaction on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Circumcision Religion FGM

Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Karen Hunter Sirius XM Urban View discuss circumcision, masturbation, religion, and female genital mutilation.

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Emotional & Psychological Harm of Circumcision PTSD DEPRESSION

Psychological effects of circumcision on infants and adolescents. How circumcision damages your mental health. What parents need to look out for. Anthony Losquadro is a expert in the area of anti-circumcision advocacy and the executive director of Intaction. Dr. [...]

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Pop singer Pink in heated debate about circumcision – We discuss

Pop star Pink fired back at mom-shaming trolls on Sunday who criticized her for sharing a picture of her 2-year-old son without a swim diaper.The Instagram photo featured the 39-year-old singer with her two-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter. Social media [...]

Heartbreaking! Mother’s pain over the death of her son after circumcision

March 10, 2019 Originally posted to Facebook This is the story about a baby, Emmitt Tailer Goss. He died days after his circumcision at Forsyth Medical Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina due to infection after circumcision. This story was written by [...]

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Circumcision called a CON-JOB and SACRED COW on BizTalkRadio

On BizTalkRadio, a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Frankie Boyer, Anthony Losquadro has a wide ranging discussion about the function of the foreskin and controversy surrounding circumcision. Why are Americans obsessed with circumcision? Topics include religion, the 4 [...]

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The Four Powers of Foreskin & Netflix American Circumcision documentary

Engaging discussion on how foreskin removal results in pain and trauma to American baby boys. Topics include Netflix American Circumcision documentary, female genital mutilation, and the 4 Powers of Foreskin. With Kate Delany, America Tonight and Anthony Losquadro Director, Intaction.org. [...]

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Alarming! Circumcision trauma causing seizure-like attacks in infants

Never before heard discussion about circumcision trauma causing seizure like attacks. Plus the wonderful benefits of foreskin and dispelling the myths about circumcision by expert Anthony Losquadro of Intaction with Mark Thomas of 1110AM North Carolina radio. [...]

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Netflix’s “American Circumcision” controversy causing concern

The controversial Netflix documentary "American Circumcision" is surprising many people. Hear the wild discussion, with lots of foreskin and circumcision talk on 880AM CKLW. With Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Lynn Martin Host "The Lynn Martin Show." [...]

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