Date & Time: May 10, 2014 at 12 Noon

Place: NYU Langone Medical Center, 550 1st Ave., NYC, curbside

Following months of preparation and planning, Intaction is excited to announce the upcoming introduction of our Mobile Education Unit in a New York City event. This mobile unit was specifically outfitted to conduct our upcoming Tri-state (NY-NJ-CT) anti-circumcision awareness campaign.

Never before has our movement had the benefit of such a focused, continuous, and very public display of anti-circumcision messaging.

Our unique multi-function vehicle has over 400 square feet of printed graphic display area and 25 square feet of video display.

In anticipation of the launch of the mobile unit, Intaction created a new I DID NOT CONSENT campaign to help the public-at-large understand the harm inflicted by circumcision. Recently, we conducted a photo-shoot at a Union Square (NYC) photo studio with the subjects of the campaign. The stunning high resolution photos taken in the session will be used, along with the many member submitted “selfies” uploaded to our website.

Our event is open to both intactivists, or anyone who wants to learn more about our mission. It will be a first time opportunity to see the mobile unit up close, and to talk to the Intaction members who made this project possible.

The mobile unit will be in front of NYU Hospital, which we feel is an appropriate location to not only introduce our mobile unit but start educating the public and medical professionals about the controversy surrounding circumcision.

We believe that this Mobile Education Unit will offer an unparalleled opportunity to advance our advocacy. More importantly, our effort will be focused on increasing the awareness of young people about our cause, and convincing them to make it their cause too.

Our intention is to have our mobile education unit on the road every week for 2014 in the Tri-State (NY-NJ-CT) area. We will be visiting hospitals, college campuses, and high visibility locations. People will definitely be impacted with such a highly visible campaign, and the effect of repeatedly seeing it everywhere.