May 10, 2014 (NYC): Today Intaction unveiled an audacious step for the anti-circumcision movement with the introduction of a dedicated Mobile Education Unit. The mobile unit was unveiled in front of the NYU-Langone Medical Center in New York City to Intaction members.

The anti-circumcision movement of the modern era has been in existence for about thirty years, but its recently gained significant momentum for a variety of reasons. There are many visionary concepts that were originally created by other intactivist organizations. We picked best of what we have seen and built on those ideas. However having said that we think this mobile unit is unlike anything ever seen or done before.

It was over four months of intensive work getting this project completed, from the inception, the creative design, logistics, and mechanical upgrades. One thing you will notice is there is a consistency of messaging, from the visual photographs, the captions, the internet URL/domain, and the printed literature handed out from the mobile unit. We feel this consistency is vital to the communication of our message.






When we take on a project we pledge to deliver on our promises. Not only does the end result have to satisfy our vision, but we want to meet the expectations of Intaction members and supporters – who we call THE INTACT NATION. The members have entrusted their hard-earned money with Intaction to get something done, and we take that trust very seriously. In this case, we hope we’ve exceeded their expectations.

Some physical facts about the mobile unit. It has over 466 square feet of fixed graphic display space with lighting, 24 sqft of video screens, and a sound system. There is interior storage space inside the body. The uses & possibilities of this mobile unit are limited only by our imagination.

When you put the whole package together, along with a professional execution, we feel this will have a tremendous impact on the public perception of circumcision.


We want to recognize some people who have made very generous donations to Intaction for this mobile unit, going above and beyond the call, and they are recognized on our dedication plaque (mounted on the right side of the mobile unit) as Leaders of Human Rights & Genital Integrity. Without their support this project could not have reached the level of success that we have achieved.




We plan a busy upcoming schedule which will include weekly outings throughout the tri-state (NY-NJ-CT) area. We plan on visiting hospitals, college campuses, and outdoor public events.

The hope is that when people see this mobile unit, they will understand what the men behind the message are saying. What was done in the past is done, that can’t be changed. But let’s stop repeating the mistakes of the past on the next generation of children.