As one of many states examining their Medicaid programs to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful spending, Kansas is scrutinizing coverage for circumcision.

After soliciting suggestions from the public, Kansas has received over 120 suggestions on a call for ideas to reform its Medicaid system and reduce costs. A prominent theme for reducing cost was the elimination of funding for infant circumcisions.

As officials look for ways to contain rising budgets, the unavoidable fact is that infant circumcision is costly, non-therapeutic, and unethical.

The ideas submitted by the public and by health care providers form the groundwork for a series of meetings and discussions to be held this summer, said Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer. The goal is to build a comprehensive plan to improve services while cutting costs in the system that provides care for poor, elderly and disabled Kansans, he said.

This story was referenced in the Wichita Eagle