Over 40 activists from around the country traveled to New Orleans for a three day protest from October 20 through October 23, 2012, at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) annual convention. We are holding the AAP responsible for their unethical and biased 2012 circumcision policy statement.

A press conference was coordinated by Intact America. Watch the videos taken by James Loewen. Featured are speakers from Intact America, Bay Area Intactivists, Intaction.org, and others.

AAP affiliated doctor from the Dominican Republic comments on circumcision.

Protesters had an enlightening discussion with a Jewish grandmother.

Protesters called into question the lack of ethics and bias within the AAP’s committees. The embarrassed AAP reacted very strongly to the protest. First, they barred Intact America (IA) from exhibiting inside the convention center, where previously the AAP allowed them inside. In a written letter cancelling IA’s exhibitors booth, the AAP stated that they had no issue with our demonstration outside the convention center. However on the second day of the protest, the AAP made numerous requests to the New Orleans Police to have us removed from the sidewalk. The police would not comply with the AAP’s requests.