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FORESKIN – The Future Never Felt So Good

On February 8, 2018, Intaction completed the photo shoot for a new and groundbreaking foreskin awareness campaign. Photographer Michael Luppino, with Intaction’s Anthony Losquadro acting as art/creative director, shot the graphic content at S.A. Studios NYC, using a special large format equipment. We are taking steps to complete the new campaign in preparation for the debut of the campaign on April 12, 2018 at Union Square NYC.


Intactivism 2.0, or what we also call the “Foreskin Revolution,” is a well thought out strategy of promoting the adult benefits of foreskin. Intactivism 2.0 moves beyond the well-worn debate over circumcision, and promotes foreskin as a lifestyle choice – even for men that may not have a foreskin.

We hope to shift public perception to view foreskin as something special and desirable. We will promote foreskin as fun, sexy, and sensual.

Now the key to the campaign is the branding and storytelling. This campaign has been created with expert input on advertising strategy.


Now that you understand how a foreskin positive strategy can be the future of intactivism, if you believe in it, then you need to support this campaign. We have all the pieces in place to make this happen. BUT – we need your support and generosity to make this campaign a reality. By donating for this campaign, you can proudly say you were part of the effort that created it. Please donate and support the FORESKIN REVOLUTION

Join us in this new beginning for American foreskin advocacy.

5 Responses to "FORESKIN – The Future Never Felt So Good"

  • Stacey Behrens
    August 20, 2018 - 2:43 pm Reply

    I gave birth to 7 BOYS!!
    NOT ONE!!
    It is truly barbaric harming a child in this way and against his permission.
    Just ask “Would you do this to your female child?!”
    SO why is it ok to do this to a boy?
    I didn’t do this to my children because it is their own body, if they choose to want this,
    THEY can do it themselves, to their OWN bodies.
    I love my children more than life, and hurting them goes against EVERYTHING of being a good mother.

  • Distressed Pensioner
    May 10, 2018 - 5:41 am Reply

    It’s amazing that a heterosexual male friend says that foreskins are unaesthetic – I don’t remember the term he used to express that. Why would a heterosexual male would care? He can choose the pornography that suits him – if that’s the reason.

    He was very enthusiastic about circumcision, when he heard about the ‘60% reduction rate in HIV’. I’ve heard too many people go on about smegma and hygene, and I’ve encountered men who simply do not clean under their foreskin. If we talk of feminine hygene – why don’t we do so with men? Some men do not clean between their toes either.

    So what is the right thing to say to male children when they are bathing or showering? Some adult males do not or can not retract their foreskin. One guy I knew had a circumcision because of this – perhaps he didn’t have to, but orthodox medicine only seems to offer one solution.

    It just appears that it’s the look that bothers people. Ancient Greeks were the opposite – men were clothed if their foreskin covered the glans. When young, in the 60s, the majority of guys were circumcised in Australia. Now, circumcised younger males are in the minority.

    Of 3 male siblings, the oldest was circumcised. My mother said ‘he could not pass water.’ What could that mean? She said there was blood everywhere when she go him home. She did not get the other two ‘done’.

    Why should we be ‘like our father’?

    • Andrew
      August 22, 2018 - 4:41 pm Reply

      Hi Distressed Pensioner, in relation to your question about hygiene, this webpage is very helpful:


      and on the question of what to do if an older teenage boy or adult male is unable to retract his foreskin, there are indeed conservative treatments which save the foreskin as described on this webpage:


      They include stretching and/or use of topical steroid creams, which have a very high success rate at resolving the issue.

  • William Moore
    February 22, 2018 - 5:27 am Reply

    Any information and new techniques of non surgical FORESKIN restoration. the Internet seems to be overinundated with methods and devices some truly unusual and others very bizzare. My partner is trying to restore his FORESKIN and even though I’m INTACT I feel for him and I’m in this with him and hopefully since this movement has been going on for a few years there are new methods and devices that work, any ideas? I’d welcome all feedback, suggestions. Surgery is expensive, the results are iffy and it’s expensive and not covered by medical insurance as it’s ‘cosmetic surgery’. What load of BULLS**T. If this is cosmetic, why can a very buxom woman get a beast reduction under this guise that her very large breasts cause posture problems, while am and who had this butchery done to him when he was an infant and he’s sexually dysgunctionate as a result of this, where’s the equality here?,

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