Activist vs. ‘unkindest’ cut


December 25, 2011
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A Long Island man at the forefront of a movement to end circumcision likens the practice to genital mutilation.

Anthony Losquadro, a member of a group calling itself “intactivists,” last year launched the nonprofit to get the word out online and through an ad campaign.

Losquadro, 46, recently contacted the pediatrician who circumcised him in 1965 to accuse him of “coercing” his parents to approve the procedure, which was considered routine back then.

“It’s my body,” Losquadro said. “It should have been my choice.”

The rate of US hospital circumcisions sagged to 57 percent in 2008. Jewish boys are traditionally circumcised outside a hospital setting when they are 8 days old.

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