In Muncie Indiana, a medical doctor has an appointment in court. However at this appointment, instead of collecting a co-payment, he may have to pay his patient millions.

Dr. Michael Burt is being sued for taking matters into his own hands and circumcising an infant against the parent’s orders.

Another tragic story that again demonstrates the callous and blatant disregard by some in the medical establishment towards an infant’s human rights and genital integrity.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Michael R. Burt was aware of the parent’s opposition to circumcision, in part because he was the pediatrician for her “genitally intact” older son.

It is well established in the law that any surgery without consent is deemed an assault. The lawsuit calls the procedure ‘an intentional battery.’

The family has already reached an out-of-court settlement with Ball Memorial Hospital, where the birth and circumcision took place.

This story was originally reported in the by Douglas Walker|topnews|text|Frontpage%20DontMiss