• FGM is often perpetuated by mothers, grandmothers, or the victim herself.
  • No medical association in the world recommends MGM or FGM, and many discourage or condemn all genital cutting.
  • FGM & MGM are done to minors, both can result in serious complications.
  • FGM seem to have no effect on fertility rates. FGM is practiced by Muslims, and this group has high birthrates worldwide.
  • Both are done because proponents claims it looks better or is more hygienic.
  • Both claim it is done to appeal to future partners.
  • Proponents of both invoke claims of parental choice or religious freedom.

Other reasons why Female Genital Cutting is gaining a foothold in America

Some anti-FGM groups attempt to portray genital cutting as an abuse directed solely at females. They show further insensitivity by claiming FGM is a paternalistic practice, while FGM is most often demanded by mothers and grandmothers. FGM groups are loath to associate the issue with male genital cutting as it will upset their narrative, but the issues are still identical.

Attempting to differentiate between male and female genital cutting by downplaying the harms of one over the other only weakens the arguments of all.