*** New Hampshire Action Alert ***

This is a critical week for our bill HB 1683 which will stop state sponsored “routine infant circumcision.” The House will be voting on it March 21, 2024. It is crucial for these legislators to hear from the public. Please call these New Hampshire legislators and ask them to support HB 1683

Start calling and sending emails March 18-19-20 ! Make an impact! (Call 9-5, send emails anytime)

If you call you will likely have to leave a voicemail message. Some voice mailboxes may be full. But don’t be surprised if the rep actually picks up the phone too. You don’t have to leave your name or address either. Just your call in support of HB1683 means a lot !

Last Name Party Aff Address Telephone Email
Bouldin Dem 14 Hayes Avenue Manchester 03103-3619 NH (603) 494-8689 [email protected]
Calabro Dem 117 Pine Hill Road Hollis 3049 NH (603) 509-2803 [email protected]
Carey Dem 151 King Street Boscawen 03303-2107 NH [email protected]
Eaton Dem PO Box 350 Stoddard 03464-4423 NH (603) 338-8595 [email protected]
Ebel Dem (603) 748-3876 [email protected]
Huot Dem 19 Wildwood Road Laconia 03246-2972 (603) 524-7641 [email protected]
Jeudy Dem 134 Calef Road Manchester 03103-6324 (603) 645-5290 [email protected]
Leishman Dem 39 Birch Road Peterborough 03458-1900 NH (603) 924-0004 [email protected]
Levesque Dem 204 Emerald Drive Barrington 03825-5168 NH (603) 833-8687 [email protected]
Murphy Dem 20 Brenda Lane Merrimack 03054-2508 (603) 424-0254 [email protected]
Perez Ind (603) 801-7867 [email protected]
Soucy Dem 11 Princeton Street Concord 03301-2333 NH (603) 305-5012 [email protected]
Long Dem 112 Hollis Street Manchester 03101-1234 NH (603) 668-1037 [email protected]
St. Clair Dem PO Box 5416 Laconia 03247-5416 NH (603) 387-5944 [email protected]
Merchant Dem 272 Pleasant Street Claremont 03743-3162 NH (603) 558-1389 [email protected]

Sample Message (Please stick to these talking points)

Dear Representative –

Please support HB 1683, support bodily autonomy, and preserve the integrity of Medicaid by assuring that only “medically necessary” procedures are covered.

HB 1683 allows for Medicaid coverage of circumcision, without any prior authorization, when a doctor determines it’s medically necessary. Medical necessity is a critical factor for determining eligibility for Medicaid reimbursable treatment.  HB 1683 is consistent with NH’s Medicaid policy, preserves a doctor’s medical discretion and protects infants from automatically being circumcised.

HB 1683 is a bipartisan bill that received bipartisan support (Reps Merchant, Cannon, Freitas, Thomas) in the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee.

HB 1683 is good for infants, it protects their bodily autonomy, and it’s good for NH’s Medicaid program too.

HB 1683 was recommended with a vote of 14-6 out of the health committee.