My BF calls his foreskin his “HE-Spot.” But to me the gliding action of his foreskin is amazing. It makes for sex with less roughness & soreness because it slides & glides. The foreskin…on the out stroke…is pulled back over the head & bunches up creating a G spot stimulator. His HE-Spot and my G-Spot connect. Our bodies and minds become one. It ends in an amazing orgasm.

Taylor 32

It’s all good, but uncut is like a bonus. The foreskin of an uncircumcised penis increases the girth and increases the amount of pressure and friction on my G-spot. This increased stimulation also increases the amount of blood flow to my vajayjay. With foreskin, having multiple orgasms is easier. For me, at the end of the night, it’s an overall hotter experience.

Keisha 23

Foreskin makes it possible and so much easier to give an impromptu/sneaky hand job (movie theatre anyone?) because you don’t need to keep spitting on your hand to keep things lubed up. The foreskin works as it’s own little self lubricating sleeve.

Ash - 32

Foreskin – It’s like the wrapping on a surprise package! Why ruin the fun?

Dee - 37