Out of cut and uncut, uncut was more comfortable. Not as much irritation, and im sure I could feel more internally. My uncut partner is a lot gentler too. I wouldn’t turn down a cut guy if I ever find myself dating again, but I prefer uncut guys.

Rebecca 37

I just discovered foreskin this last year! I’ve been missing out this entire time. the extra skin is fantastic to work with. Ladies you’ve got to get on this love train!

Zoe 25

I can only full-heartedly agree to what the other ladies are saying. Forskin is beautiful, sexy and pleasurable! It makes sex more enjoyable because it protects the entrance of the vagina from too much friction. It is so much fun to play with with one’s tongue during blow jobs, and easier to give good hand jobs with too! Plus, guys tend to have more sensation on their penises because of it. So a win-win situation all around I am so grateful someone is starting to speak up about this! I really hope more parents decide to leave their baby boys’ fully natural and purposeful foreskin intact. We women support you!!

Anne - 32

I have had both cut and uncut guys and prefer uncut. My husband was circumcised but wishes he had not been. He says that he remembers putting salve on his penis at a young age. I feel bad for him but am glad that he recovered well. Both of our sons are uncut and perfect. Please stop the cycle of infant male genital mutilation.

Jaecey - 25