While I won’t turn down a cut guy, I’ve found I prefer foreskin. The extra skin makes it easier to give him a hand job because it glides. It’s kinda fun sliding it back and forth. It’s different…in a good way. It feels a bit fuller I guess? I just remember when we first started having sex without condoms, it was awesome sex. I wish I could explain how, but I can’t.
Kat - 27

I truly enjoy sex MUCH more with intact men! A smooth, gentle, gliding experience (with natural lubrication), rather than endless pounding and needing to pull almost all the way out in between thrusts… ouch! Plus the time and money couples spend on lube could solve world hunger! As far as aesthetics go, intact is obviously more normal and healthier looking… especially the glans! No c-scar, un natural curvature or stretching of the remaining skin. I like penis the way it should be, natural, protected & un compromised! It really is a beautiful thing! I also enjoy the sex more with a man left natural cause I have no doubt that hes getting the most pleasure possible from our experience…

Jackie - 31

Foreskin makes jacking off 1,000 times easier and better. It requires no lotion, no spit, or lube. Foreskin makes it so the man is not too dry, and the movements between your skin and his skin l makes it more pleasurable during sex.

Lauren - 30

My husband is intact (not circumcised) and sex is amazing! Everyone benefits from his foreskin. He still has thousands of nerve endings which makes sex more enjoyable for him. His natural lubricant makes it phenomenonal for me! All the stereotypes of intact men’s penises being gross, smelling and more prone to STD’s are myths. Circumcision is an American thing. The good thing is that more parents are opting to leaving their babies intact. Any parents (or prospective parents) should check out:

Desiree - 34

My boyfriend didn’t know he was missing anything until we met.  I used to get rubbed raw all the time. It was worse with other partners that had less foreskin but he had a moderate amount. He has been restoring a year and a half now. Now, he has a lot more foreskin and I don’t get that “rubbed raw” feeling as much. He also doesn’t stab my cervix with his penis because he doesnt have to ram it in there to feel as much. So, now that he has more sensation and can last longer, we both enjoy sex a lot more and we have both been able to explore more. It would be better if he never got his foreskin stolen from him at birth, but at least restoration helps him get back some of what was stolen. He still has years to go but it’s an adventure !

Kirsten 26