• Did your parents ever make decisions that were in their interest, not yours?
  • Did they sometimes not even ask your opinion on issues that directly affected you?
  •  Did they make you feel that your feelings were not important?
  • Have these issues manifested themselves in your mind and body?
  • As an adult, does sex seem to be not as satisfying as it should be?
  • Does your sexual performance seems to get a little weaker with each year?
  • Did you ever get the feeling that scars on your penis did not belong there?
  • Do you wonder what was removed in order to create those scars, and what you had to endure?
  • Did you wonder why anyone would cut off a natural healthy body part?
  • Many guys are now connecting the pieces, and they are finding one common thread that underlies all of these feelings. They are discovering that they were circumcised as infants. They now understand what circumcision did to their body, soul, and mind. Guys like you are realizing how our society’s ignorance, righteousness, and attempt to surgically enforce morality have harmed them.Guys like you are sorting thorough the ridiculous  reasons and the FALSE MEDICAL CLAIMS. People like to say circumcision was necessary for your “HYGIENE.” Can you believe part of your penis was removed because THEY DIDN’T TRUST YOU to wash it? Some fathers circumcised their sons because they wanted their son to “look like them.” Yet how many sons want to look like their father – especially if their dad is overweight – or bald – or a fashion disaster – or all of the above?Guys are now coming to terms over what has been done to them. How can it be that only in America this can happen to you? In most other countries around the world, medical doctors refuse to circumcise baby boys. ONLY IN AMERICA !

    What can  you do to bring about positive change? The first step you must take is to understand the past. You need to research circumcision. Watch a video of a baby being circumcised, listen to its screams as its foreskin is crushed in a circumcision clampRealize they did this to you.

    Do your research to understand what is removed from a baby during circumcision, and how that equals 15 square inches of skin in an adult male.  Realize that no one asked if you wanted this! They removed part of your penis because THEY decided what was best for YOU. Your life and body was changed on your first day of LIFE. Incredible!

    Get involved with INTACTION. Join the thousands of young men who are willing to speak up on this issue. They are athletes, lawyers, artists, students, military, businessmen, truck drivers, and construction workers.  You are confident in who you are and what you represent. You are FEARLESS about speaking out about right and wrong. You are putting the missing pieces back together.

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